Meet The Artisans


Francesca hasn't always knitted; in fact, as she grew up watching her mother knit and crochet, she didn't have a real interest in the craft. It wasn't until she met her mother in-law, who she lovingly refers to as Nana, that she realized she had a passion for it. Francesca’s love for knitting has grown and so has her talent. Fourteen years later, Francesca’s skill shows in every cloth. She has perfected over 300 stitches and is able to create a variety of patterns as a result. Her love of knitting, and her discipline and coordination show in her artistry. She hopes to inspire others with her old fashioned values by helping to keep this dying art alive. Each beautifully crafted cloth is 100% cotton,  perfect for the face and body. Each spool of yarn is meticulously chosen by Francesca to create the perfect feel and custom design.



Jessi, a hairdresser by trade but an artist all her life, was searching for a new art form. She liked the idea of “useable art.” Her interest and curiosity led her to research the soap making artistry. Through trial and error, Jessi created her first batch of soap on her back porch.  She has since perfected her craft and produces all of the fragrant handmade soaps utilizing the "hot process" method, which means it is cooked. It is made in small batches with a variety of oils and beneficial nutrients for the skin. Jessi takes pride in personally selecting all of her natural ingredients to create the perfect bar, scrub or lotion.  Her artistic flair shows in the bits of nature she adds for visual appeal to many of the soap bars.