Our Story

Welcome to"Made Simple" Soaps and Cloths!
In early spring 2007, Francesca and Jessi, two busy career moms, had a chance meeting on their children’s school playground and quickly developed a budding friendship. Three years later, while attending a school fundraiser, Jessi admired  the beautifully- crafted cloths Francesca had created for the event . Impressed with Francesca’s skillfulness, Jessi immediately placed an order. Their friendship continued to blossom and so did their love of artistry.
One afternoon in the spring of 2010 while sipping cappuccino, Francesca and Jessi bonded over their hobbies: Francesca’s love for knitting and Jessi’s newfound joy of making handmade natural soaps. Their passion and excitement ignited a thought within Jessi. In that “Ah Ha” moment came the idea, “Wouldn't it be fun to make gift baskets for Mother’s Day with your knitted cloths and my soaps?”  Francesca, without hesitation, agreed! And just like that, they had created their cottage company on Jessi's back porch on Dogwood Street. Their gift baskets were well received by friends and family and soon grew into a profitable business. But what would they name it?  After much thought, they simply decided on "Francesca & Jessi." Later that year, they produced their Christmas baskets. The demand continued to grow, and they decided to sell their merchandise at Jessi’s place of business, The Dogwood Salon, and their business became The Dogwood House.   
As the business evolved, so did the business name.  In 2014, "Made Simple" Soaps and Cloths was born! Francesca and Jessi’s passion for creating soaps and cloths has flourished into a full grown enterprise. They aren’t just making gift baskets anymore. These promising entrepreneurs have expanded their line to include their fabulous whipped body scrubs and lotions. They have poured their hearts and souls into every inch of their business, from hand mixing their all natural ingredients, to packaging, logo designing and hand cutting printed labels, which they can proudly say are produced from recycled paper. This is truly their labor of love.
We hope you will love our products as much as we love making them. We strive to make you and your skin happy!
Francesca & Jessi